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Curious about the gameplay behind Super Time Force? Check out our latest trailer / educational video!

It’s Super Time Force coast-to-coast weekend!

On the West Coast: We’re showing STF @ Double Fine’s DAY OF THE DEVS! If you’re in the San Francisco area, pop by and check out the latest demo + chat with Nathan Vella!


If you’re in Toronto: Make sure to stop by GAMERCAMP! Most of the STF team is hanging out there all weekend, so pop by and say hello!


If you can’t make any of these, sit back and enjoy our new trailer!


IMPORTANT PAX13 FACT: We’ll have a bunch of SUPER TIME FORCE stations showing a completely new build of our totally bonkers contra-like game, including NEW LEVELS, NEW PLAYABLE CHARACTERS, NEW POWER-UPS and a lot more. Even if you’ve played it before, we highly recommend you come by and check out all the new stuff in this crazy game.

Alongside our Capy logo tees & #Sworcery tees, we’ll have a TOTALLY SWEET, TOTALLY NEW t-shirt for sale! This is the first time you’ll be able to get some beloved Capy pixels in shirt form… and we think a bazooka-toting Jef Leppard petting a Capy is putting our best pixel-foot forward:

Capy will also be selling beautiful 12×18 prints of our Into the Pixel 2013 selected piece, SUPER SUMMER VACATION FORCE:

Super Time Force - Into The Pixel

If you’re jonesing for some sessions, consider heading to The Official Harmonix Podcast: LIVE Saturday at 11am, where Capy’s Nathan Vella will join Double Fine’s Brad Muir, Young Horseseses’ Phil Tibitoski, Darren Korb from Supergiant and the whole Harmonix Crew for some live podcasting shenanigans.

We’ll be in BOOTH #111, alongside our good pals and perennial PAX partners Double Fine. Please come by, hang out, play Super Time Force, visit with the Capy crew and enjoy the company of special guest Zac Gorman, who is going to be helping at our booth for some odd reason.

Hop on over to 6955’s Bandcamp to download the spacey, hypnotizing track from our gameplay trailer. This is just a tiny taste of Super TIME Force’s amazing soundtrack: It’s going to be mesmerizing, synthy sonic deliciousness from outer space, like wow.

Grab more music by 6955 HERE