IGF 2012 – Xbox live Arcade Award & Honorable Mention for Technical Excellence

FANTASTIC ARCADE 2012 – Official Selection

E3 2013 – Nominee, Best Platformer from

PAX PRIME 2013 – Nominee, Game of Show from + Rev3Games + + others

INDIECADE 2013 – Nominee, Official Selection

GAMERCAMP 2013 – Official Selection


“It’s a twitch shooter that lets you catch your breath, and one in which death is merely the beginning.”

EDGE Magazine

“…a super-hard, super-stylish and super-smart action game.”

“This is already one of the funniest games I’ve ever seen.”

Game Informer

“Detailed pixel art, robots, lasers, jetpacks, space ships, goofy aliens, platforming, and a lot of death — Super TIME Force is basically the modernization of Contra.”