Super Time Force is an insane action game filled with robots and dinosaurs and fun and time travel!
Sometimes all at the same time!

This is the Super TIME Force:


Each member of the Super TIME Force has their own special ability that makes them uniquely useful in battle.

You also have a brain-punching, god-like power called Time Out!


Time Out lets you stop time and rewind back through what you just did!
Then you can jump back into the action with a new character and play alongside your past self in the past, which is now the present… Whoa.
You can use Time Out to partner up with yourself in the good ol’ days of a few seconds ago, creating a veritable army of You(s).


You will probably die a lot in Super TIME Force.

die die die

But dying is part of the strategizing, so don’t worry about it! When you die, you can just rewind time, add more firepower and GO!

Team up with yourself to save yourself & save the Future/Past/Present!


Super Time Force isn’t what would happen if Braid and Contra had a baby:

Super Time Force is what would happen if Braid and Contra had a party!